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how spells work

Ok, i thought this was needed as well. Spells are a wonderful way to change your life. It is why I offer them in the store. You can do all kinds of neat little things with them, or even the big things. You can bless, and you can curse with them. I don't mind doing both. However, spells take time, they are not a quick fix. They are not a bandaid for a bullet. They usually work subtly and behind the scenes. The second they are cast they are NOT , i repeat, NOT going to make a million materialize or make a woman jump your bones on the street. Now the black magick ones might lol. I use the rule...

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Free will and black magick

Hello my darlings I thought today I would talk about free will and black magick. Due to the overwhelming response in store and emails I have received I thought I would blog about it today. First let's get formalities out of the way. Lets see what free will is according to google is this:  Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. It is closely linked to the concepts of responsibility, praise, guilt, sin, and other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen. Now as you can see free will is free choosing. It is an ability given to humans, we have the power to choose our fate, where we go, what...

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Halloween Sale

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Today we will be having a big blow out sale!! 50% off everything in the store!! In honor of one of my fav. holidays!! Don't miss out, it's for 24 hours only!!! Just use coupon code halloween50

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