Third Eye Challenge

Third Eye Challenge
Third eye opening and how easy it is.

Store Suggestions please

Store Suggestions please
store suggestions?

how spells work

how spells work

Ok, i thought this was needed as well. Spells are a wonderful way to change your life. It is why I offer them in the store. You can do all kinds of neat little things with them, or even the big things. You can bless, and you can curse with them. I don't mind doing both. However, spells take time, they are not a quick fix. They are not a bandaid for a bullet. They usually work subtly and behind the scenes.

The second they are cast they are NOT , i repeat, NOT going to make a million materialize or make a woman jump your bones on the street. Now the black magick ones might lol. I use the rule of three when casting, three days, three weeks, three months. If after three months you don't see results, i will recast for free ONE time.

Spells take time. They are not going to change overnight sometimes it takes even longer than the three months depending on what you have asked for. Sometimes, they don't work, sometimes you have a blockage. Sometimes the spell caster needs to rethink the process with you and recast for you once based on what will work best FOR YOU. We live in an instant society, me me me, now now now. Lets slow down and take our time.

Spell do work, they just work on a schedule sometimes we don't agree with. myself included. Many times I have recast for myself because they did not work fast enough. It goes back to that instant society I suppose. 

Free will and black magick

Free will and black magick

Hello my darlings I thought today I would talk about free will and black magick. Due to the overwhelming response in store and emails I have received I thought I would blog about it today. First let's get formalities out of the way. Lets see what free will is according to google is this: 

Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. It is closely linked to the concepts of responsibility, praise, guilt, sin, and other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen.

Now as you can see free will is free choosing. It is an ability given to humans, we have the power to choose our fate, where we go, what we do, whom we are with, ect...

Now let's move on to what casting spells are. 

Casting spells. To cast a spell is to take a card from where it is (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect.

Now that is a pretty good definition for those that don't cast spells. Now we shall put the two together. Normally casting spells are straightforward, some are fairly uncomplicated, some, like messing with free will are VERY complicated and take time. I usually use the rule of three when casting spells. Three days, three weeks, three months. IF nothing has happened within three months, I will recast for free.

BUT when you are messing with free will this takes TIME. I use demons when doing these and they don't leave the person until the job is done. They only check in with me at the time mark, three days three weeks and three months.  Otherwise, I leave them to their job and they leave me to mine.

To take someone's free will from them is NOT easy, it's NOT straightforward and its a fairly complicated job. If I were to charge what my demon's suggest for this job, and i just might in the future, I'd put a charge of $500+ on it. But again, I won't leave until it's done. How many other spell casters can say that?

When you mess with free will you are essentially taking another's will and destroying it. Forcing them to bend to your will, to live out YOUR choice for THEIR life and not THEIR choice for THEIR life. You are ripping them to shreds and replacing them with YOUR WILL not THEIRS. Now, does this sound straightforward to you? Free will is something you are BORN with, and you expect to change perhaps 20-30 years or MORE of ingrained ability with a couple of days?

You are taking the essence of who they are away from them. Not many spell casters will do it. I don't mind it, but you must understand this takes TIME. It's not like going to the store for candy, you get in and get out. NO, it don't work that way.

There is a comment section here below that you may comment in any way you like without fear of reprisal. Please do so, but I hope I have made it a little easier to understand this particular casting process. Any questions please ask. 


Halloween Sale

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Today we will be having a big blow out sale!! 50% off everything in the store!! In honor of one of my fav. holidays!! Don't miss out, it's for 24 hours only!!! Just use coupon code halloween50

Halloween read emails

Hello there all, could you please post your emails here? I really don't want to post what is said on CH or here so if you could post your emails that would be fantastic. After I am finished, this particular blog will be erased.oh could you put the name you signed up with so I will not get confused please>?

Halloween reading

I am using this blog post to let you know about a one day only halloween read. It involves you, and one representative from your spirit family. This member must agree to represent all races in your family. That way everybody has a chance to participate and when it's over, if you wish, if they have messages for you. I'll let you know. that is completely up to you. But this is a one day only halloween read. Please respond to this blog if you wish to have it done. I offer things like this from time to time and will do it this way if it works, that way I can keep up with who all signs up and who is the representative for each family. 


Plus on the left hand side of your screen is a drawing, you must be entered to win. 

First Post

Hi! this is my first blog on here and i just wanted to tell all you fine people that we are steady adding product to our store hourly so please keep checking back. If you don't see something you want please ask, chances are I have not listed it yet. I cast spells as well and conjurations and others.

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