Halloween read emails

Hello there all, could you please post your emails here? I really don't want to post what is said on CH or here so if you could post your emails that would be fantastic. After I am finished, this particular blog will be erased.oh could you put the name you signed up with so I will not get confused please>?

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  • Christina on

    Hi! :) the username I signed up with is Amaranthlovecharm. I hope you are doing well right now. You must be very busy! You can just get to mine when you can, don’t worry about it!

  • Pat on

    My name on CH is Pat. I have two. One with me and one in the mail. I’d be excited to hear anything. I can still see my previous email so I guess this is an update. Thanks.

  • DreamWolf on

    Name was DreamWolf (Judit first name), email was dreamwolf_the_keeper@yahoo.com, mentioned either/or spirits were antlered god or Incubus “D”… Thank you again darlin, I feel so blessed for your reading… ~smiles gratefully and lovinly

  • Pat on

    I have not had her long. That’s what I meant to write. TY.

  • Pat on


    I have had her long so it would be very interesting to hear what she would like to say to me. Thank you.

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