Free will and black magick

Free will and black magick

Hello my darlings I thought today I would talk about free will and black magick. Due to the overwhelming response in store and emails I have received I thought I would blog about it today. First let's get formalities out of the way. Lets see what free will is according to google is this: 

Free will is the ability to choose between different possible courses of action. It is closely linked to the concepts of responsibility, praise, guilt, sin, and other judgments which apply only to actions that are freely chosen.

Now as you can see free will is free choosing. It is an ability given to humans, we have the power to choose our fate, where we go, what we do, whom we are with, ect...

Now let's move on to what casting spells are. 

Casting spells. To cast a spell is to take a card from where it is (usually the hand), put it on the stack, and pay its costs, so that it will eventually resolve and have its effect.

Now that is a pretty good definition for those that don't cast spells. Now we shall put the two together. Normally casting spells are straightforward, some are fairly uncomplicated, some, like messing with free will are VERY complicated and take time. I usually use the rule of three when casting spells. Three days, three weeks, three months. IF nothing has happened within three months, I will recast for free.

BUT when you are messing with free will this takes TIME. I use demons when doing these and they don't leave the person until the job is done. They only check in with me at the time mark, three days three weeks and three months.  Otherwise, I leave them to their job and they leave me to mine.

To take someone's free will from them is NOT easy, it's NOT straightforward and its a fairly complicated job. If I were to charge what my demon's suggest for this job, and i just might in the future, I'd put a charge of $500+ on it. But again, I won't leave until it's done. How many other spell casters can say that?

When you mess with free will you are essentially taking another's will and destroying it. Forcing them to bend to your will, to live out YOUR choice for THEIR life and not THEIR choice for THEIR life. You are ripping them to shreds and replacing them with YOUR WILL not THEIRS. Now, does this sound straightforward to you? Free will is something you are BORN with, and you expect to change perhaps 20-30 years or MORE of ingrained ability with a couple of days?

You are taking the essence of who they are away from them. Not many spell casters will do it. I don't mind it, but you must understand this takes TIME. It's not like going to the store for candy, you get in and get out. NO, it don't work that way.

There is a comment section here below that you may comment in any way you like without fear of reprisal. Please do so, but I hope I have made it a little easier to understand this particular casting process. Any questions please ask. 


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  • secretsensations - February 03, 2016

    Sorry it took me a while, I dont’ check this so often, I too, have done spells on those that have caused me harm or one of my family members, I don’t believe in karma. Even if she’s out there she needs a kick in the ass. and anything, as long as you put sheer willpower behind it, can be powerful enough.

  • Wanda - January 06, 2016

    By the way. I do my spells on quantim magick and psconics devices. I find that helps a lot when send the frequency energies out. They are powerful ?

  • Wanda - January 06, 2016

    I have done spells like getting revenge on people who have caused me harm before which makes me feel like im making it an fair deal. But if no one caused me harm and i put a dark spell on them for no good reason. That can cause karma cant it? Many people believe in karma and others dont? Whats your opinion on karma?

  • K - January 05, 2016

    Thanks Toni,
    I will email you about that point you made as it is too private for posting here:))

  • secretsensations - January 05, 2016

    The reasons it might not work is Demons also have free will and if it is not something they too can get something out of, as they don’t work for free, they might refuse. The sheer will of the target, the fact that you are messing with another’s destiny, and not just their destiny, but anybody you are taking away from including future children. And Mark, yes it could go either way.

  • Mark - January 04, 2016

    This is food for thought, so in respect to a relationship I could set the person free of any emotional love hold with out the heartbreak grief attached where one would be but a fond memory and let this person follow another path which they are on anyone but it’s more of a path and not a road. So it could work differently a suppose xx

  • K - December 31, 2015

    Hi Toni,
    Can you give an example of why it may not work in the 3 months when the demons report back to you please?
    Is it:
    1. The sheer strength of will of the target?
    2. More complicated life/weaving situation that just takes longer to unravel and re-weave?
    3. Something else?
    4. All of the above LOL!!!

    Thanks Toni and stay safe……hope you will be chowing down on a turkey bacon burger asap :))))

  • Secretsensations - December 29, 2015

    M yes you get the jist of it. If I cast that spell to mess with free will, and the person don’t listen right away, eventually my help will make their life a living nightmare till they do. HOWEVER, I DO put a clause in free will spells that says that if physical or verbal violence occurs at all, the spell is automatically broken.

  • K - December 29, 2015

    Thanks for the reply Toni…..sorry my first post was duplicated for some reason….hope it doesn’t hapen here again now:)
    @M….thanks for your thoughts……my question has nothing at all to do with violence I am pleased to say:)

  • M - December 29, 2015

    I would guess, it goes like this: The person is first presented with an option, maybe based on something that the person might be inclined to accept in exchange for some benefit, desire etc. If the person declines it, the person might be tried to be pushed into by creating circumstances and an environment that makes it more likely the person would accept it. If that doesn’t work, the person might be thrown in a situation, maybe by others were the person is presented with the “choice” to accept that choice, however where no real choice is as it could have otherwise consequences for their physical health or their property etc. If that still doesn’t work, things like job, friendships, relations, health, finances and anything you can imagine might be destroyed if they could serve that purpose. If that still doesn’t work, they could be attached directly and fully and completely destroyed to achieve that “ripping to shreds”.

    Now it surely depends on what you ask. If what you ask might be achievable mostly only by violence, things like someone being robed, attacked, raped and so on, then this might happen, as it won’t depend as much on the person’s choice.

    I’m right on my guess?

  • Secretsensations - December 28, 2015

    Hello there, it depends on what you ask the universe for. I try to leave them intact, and that’s why it takes so long sometimes. For the more complicated ones, it has to go deeper than that. The entire person, is affected if i have to force the issue further.

  • B - December 28, 2015

    Great blog post. Nothing is instantaneous, especially if people are involved. People are the sum of all their experiences and not puppets on a string.

  • K - December 28, 2015

    Hi Toni,
    Very interesting blog article. Thank you.
    As we have touched upon before in email….certain phrases give me the willies LOL.
    Ripping to shreds…..springs to mind from the above blog LOL
    Is it only the particular part of the will that is “ripped” for the dersired result? Not the entire character/personality? Or does it have to go deeper than that to obtain the desired result?
    Many thanks and good luck with your blogs xx

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