how spells work

Ok, i thought this was needed as well. Spells are a wonderful way to change your life. It is why I offer them in the store. You can do all kinds of neat little things with them, or even the big things. You can bless, and you can curse with them. I don't mind doing both. However, spells take time, they are not a quick fix. They are not a bandaid for a bullet. They usually work subtly and behind the scenes.

The second they are cast they are NOT , i repeat, NOT going to make a million materialize or make a woman jump your bones on the street. Now the black magick ones might lol. I use the rule of three when casting, three days, three weeks, three months. If after three months you don't see results, i will recast for free ONE time.

Spells take time. They are not going to change overnight sometimes it takes even longer than the three months depending on what you have asked for. Sometimes, they don't work, sometimes you have a blockage. Sometimes the spell caster needs to rethink the process with you and recast for you once based on what will work best FOR YOU. We live in an instant society, me me me, now now now. Lets slow down and take our time.

Spell do work, they just work on a schedule sometimes we don't agree with. myself included. Many times I have recast for myself because they did not work fast enough. It goes back to that instant society I suppose.