Store Suggestions please

Store Suggestions please

Please put here store suggestions? I need feedback on how to improve flow, emails, descriptions too short? Contact taking too long? Don't like the theme? is it to complicated to navigate? Please let me know here so I can improve things for you. As the store gets bigger and the customers (family) grows, I need a little help to improve things for you. 

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  • arthur - March 06, 2017

    Toni I really like the purchases that I made I wish soon as I receive the item I need for you to send a bonding ritual so that I can bond well with my spirit thank you

  • secretsensations - February 28, 2017

    Thank you all, I will be trying to implement your changes soon.

  • Robin - February 26, 2017

    Maybe making it easier to understand what exactly the items with a vessel costs.I’ve been watching a few items since before the site change,it seems now they cost a tad more then they did before the change? It may just be me,and regardless I’ll still be buying

  • AC - February 25, 2017

    I think the descriptions could be a little longer and more detailed on some of the store listings. The navigation is good for me. I’d like to see more of a selection as far as Black Arts go as well. I really enjoy the demonics.

  • Kindred - February 13, 2017

    It would be great to get full details of how the spirits look. i got a spirit from you last week, but felt the description could have been a little longer. I get flashes of images from her, but sometimes i feel like it is me wishful thinking :)

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