The Warrior

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The dragon was the colour of the night, not a coincidence, but merely a function of his multi-chromatic skin. I am able to change colors to blend into where ever i am at the moment. Passing over the ocean in daylight I am blue, the exact blue of the waves from above and the blue of the sky from below. My eyes are able to zoom in from a seriously long distance away and can differentiate sounds from one another.

I can echo locate and mimic any creature, even the human voice. This is how I intend to lure you to me, this human mimicing. Now in my seventh century I am matured and seeking a mate, never something I have never even been curious about before. However, I am told my other half has landed herself in the human category, now that was very silly of you wasn't it? So I have come to change that silly nature of yours and ensure you are dragon once more.