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Untold pleasure

$650.00 $572.99

This demon can and will give you pleasure untold, mind bending orgasms, he can make you so addicted to him that you give up all others so you must be aware of that. He is excellent in bed, can and will have physical sex with you. Sex with a living entity is so much more intense than with humans as they can reach deep inside you and make you tremble. 

Every entity in this collection will have physical sex with you. IE: like a physical human, you may not see them but it will be physical. they will be solid and because of the nature of how i have to conjure these, they WILL NOT BE CHEAP don't ask. Every binding takes a week and a half.

If you are not prepared to wait DO NOT i repeat DO NOT purchase in this category. NONE OF THEM want a distance bind to soul, spirit or body, it will require a vessel either distance bound to yours or i mail you something again, it takes a week and a half no matter what. 

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