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The Blood elf


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Blonde, well groomed hair tight in a ponytail reveals a full, sad face. Sexy bedroom eyes watch honorably over the people they've come to appreciate for so long.
A birthmark stretching from just under the left eye , running towards the tip of the nose and ending on his left cheekbone leaves an agonizing memory of former love. 

This is the face of Elduin Dawnthorn, a true sentinel among blood elves. I am not worried about you knowing his name, you can't do anything with it. He stands tall among others, despite his thin frame. There's something appealing about him, people tend to flock to him like bees to honey. But nonetheless, people tend to befriend him, while helping him out in any way they can. 

Courteous:           Rarely
Risk-Taking:         Never
Ambitious:           Generally
Curious:               Never
Self-Controlled:   Always
Nurturing:           Generally
Trusting:             Occasionally
Honest:              Always and expects his companion to be also
Loyal:                 Often
Affectionate:      Rarely
Romantic:          Usually
Flirty:                 Generally
Sympathetic:     Often
Altruistic:           Never
Optimistic:        Often
Observant:        Often
Logical:             Often
Social:               Somewhat solitary
Emotions:          Very controlled

If you play your cards right, he may show you his realm This area is inhabited by gnomes and elves, many of whom seem very polite. Most of them live in a rustic-looking village. Many among them seem a bit preoccupied with work and creating and asking riddles is a common pastime here. Magic is quite commonplace. The surrounding countryside is mostly broken and smattered with grass and various wildflowers, and is strewn with gigantic dark rocks.