Offers page

Here is where you will find all our offers, free, purchase and more so come on and look around and see what you can find. 


1. Buy one get one free of equal or lesser value ONLY NO PREBOUNDS

2. Spend $250 in store and get 3 months of free custom/reverse conjures or Channelings! 4 a month only 

3. Spend $500 in store and get 6 Months of free Reverse/Custom conjures or Channelings! 5 a month only 

4. Spend $650 in store and get 8 months of free reverse/custom conjures or channelings! 8 a month only 

5. Spend $800 in store and get one year of Free Reverse/Custom conjures or Channelings ! 9 a month only

6. Weekly mystery giveaway  $50 value. Min $10 purchase required.

9. The discount code for is:  Home 

this code expires on May 22 and a new one will be put up