Bast Dark Portal

Bast Dark Portal

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Bast - Egyptian goddess of cats, shapeshifted into feline form beneath the full moon. Aids in seeing that which is hidden in shadow. Bisexual maiden goddess of beauty, independence, grace, strategy, awareness, dreams, intution, and magick. I have worked with her as well in the past and she is amazing. She has a lot of power and is willing to help but don't mess her about. you have been warned. 

Again, don't mistake her kindess and willingness to work with you for weakness, you will fail miserably and regret your arrogance to her. A word to the wise: they are not your servants, whores, or playthings. Treat them with respect, and you shall be rewarded. Fail to do so, and they shall respond accordingly. 

This comes in a BAST statue. 

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