Behold the King

Behold the King

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This is a living person Hidden away deep in the UK. I chanced upon him while visiting highgate Cemetery. He was quiet and stayed to himself for the longest time. But I happened by him and started up a conversation and we talked for a long while, went and had coffee and that started up a friendship that lasted for 8 years. When he finally told me his secret and where he came from, I think he thought I would laugh at him and ask him which asylum he was from, but when I did not, we spoke openly about the craft and other things.

He hates my ex husband by the way lol. but that's a long story. Anyway, i got in contact with him on the astral as that is how we meet now that i am no longer in the uk. and asked him if he would consider a human companion and he said yes as long as they were trustworty and he would hold ME to it so i am going to be very picky with this one. While i don't mind it, i would rather not have to pay for a mistake.

He is a living werewolf. 

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