Blood magick; Unlocking the Holy Grail – secretsensations

Blood magick; Unlocking the Holy Grail


Here we go, this is blood magick so you must keep in mind it is quite dangerous and will stay with you till you die. Once you bleed, you can't unbleed. This spell will unlock all the potential you have inside you right now. Good or Bad. It hunts down every single ability you were born with, be it natural or supernatural.

What do you mean? It will unlock everything from Seeing spirits to playing piano if you were born with it. It will feed itself on your blood, don't worry, there is no pain involved, it's like charging your spirit companions boxes. Your blood charges it. That is all. As a consequence of this, your abilities, will either unlock/strengthen/grow or strengthen/grow depending on if you are using them now or not.

Please be aware, this is blood magick and there is no going back once you take this step. 

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