Cerridwen Dark Portal


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Cerridwen - Welsh mother/crone goddess, keeper of the great cauldron of transformation. Teaches the mysteries of death and rebirth, and bestows the wisdom of magick. Her brewing potion represents creativity, intution, inspiration, knowledge, and power. I must add here she has a beautiful mind and heart. and one of my patron Goddesses.

She is quite willing to help those that want to learn and have a sincere heart and seeking mind of truth and knowledge. She will take you onto the astral and show you some magicks, you must remember these when you come back down, she will also show you how to be in two places at once, that is not an easy feat to accomplish.

 A word to the wise: they are not your servants, whores, or playthings. Treat them with respect, and you shall be rewarded. Fail to do so, and they shall respond accordingly.

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