Dibbux BoX *warning NOT for beginners*

$150.00 $135.99

This Dibbux box was created by me using traditional Jewish methods to create an original and VERY REAL dibbux box. In case you do not know a dybbuk box, or dibbuk box, is a wine cabinet which is said to be haunted by a dybbuk. A dybbuk is a restless, usually malicious, spirit believed to be able to haunt and even possess the living.

This is not a toy and it is NOT for entertainment purposes only. It is dangerous and I would suggest you be very experienced when handling this.

It has all the items needed inside to hold the dibbux and you have been warned. It had a glass piece on the front but at the request of the dibbux, i have painted it black so they can have a way to look out at you from the box.