Goetic Kit deluxe version with all 72 seals – secretsensations

Goetic Kit deluxe version with all 72 seals

$2,750.00 $1,650.99

Includes Magickal Circle Necklace and Large Triangle.
Triangle: Foamboard Triangle.
Magickal Circle: Portable, plastic.

This kit is ideal for someone who needs the Magickal Circle, and Adonai, Tetragrammaton & Master Candles, Holders & Seals.

Magickal Circle Necklace and all Seals are re-usable. Enough incense and oil is included for several rituals

Deluxe Goetia Spell Kit Includes:

* 2 Altar Candles (Holder Included);

* 1 Zodiac Candle (2 for Rituals of Love/Sex or Influence),
 (Holder Included);

* 1 Goetia Spirit Candle (Holder Included);

* 2 Goetia Spirit Sigils; (1 to wear, and 1 for Triangle);

* 4 Adonai Candles (for Magickal Circle);

* 4 Adonai Candle Holders (w/ Seals);

* 4 Tetragrammaton Candles (for Magickal Circle);

* 4 Tetragrammaton Candle Holders (w/ Seals);

* 1 Master Seal (for Magickal Circle);

* 1 Protection Pentagram Seal;

* 1 Protection Hexagram Seal;

* 1/2 fluid oz. bottle of Goetia Ritual Oil;

* 1/2 fluid oz. bottle of Goetia Consecration Oil;

* 1 package of 24 Goetia Ritual Incenses;

* 1 Jar of Consecration Ritual Bath Salts;

* 1 Jar of Goetia Spirit Bath Salts;

* 1 Large Magickal Triangle

* Complete Instruction booklet.

* Goetia Spirit Poster

* Goetia Spirit Talisman

* Goetia Spirit Mojo Bag 

items for casting magick circle

Bath consecration kit

Goetic Mojo bag

Blank Grimore book for keeping your experiences

all items come in a locked chest for your convenience


I am not responsible for what you do with this kit. You are to conduct yourself in a responsible manner and maintain safety. this is completely up to you. This is not a game or a joke. This is serious magick for those that are prepared.

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