Mojo Bag: Bag of Death


$56.99 $75.00

When I say death, I mean literal death. It could go figuratively depending on what you want but it will not stop short of death unless you tell it to. and for that reason I will not let it go cheaply. Now, you have to know what you are doing with this one because you can not regret what happens. if you do you bring it back to you. your own humanity will cause problems for you. You have been warned. You have to feed this bag until you no longer wish it's services. If anyone see's this bag, it automatically dies, if anyone touches this bag, it automatically dies. I mean besides you.

If you fail to feed it, it will get mad and retaliate on you before it dies. You have to know what you want when you purchase this one. I am serious about this. KNOW WHAT YOU WANT. DO NOT purchase this bag on a lark or a joke this is NOT for entertainment purposes ONLY.  It WILL accomplish it's purpose at ANY cost. 

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