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Potions of Harry Potter


This box contains all of the following potions: 


Amortentia is a love potion that does not create actual love, but gives the drinker a powerful obsession and infatuation with the giver of the potion. It is usually either forced upon someone or covertly given. As a rule of thumb the longer a love potion awaits consumption, the stronger the effects will be. 

Confusing Concoction

A Confusing Concoction will cause the drinker to become confused, distracted and sick

Draught of Living Death

When a person drinks the Draught of Living Death, they go into a deep sleep so strong that they appear to be dead

Felix Felicis

Felix Felicis, more commonly known as Liquid Luck, grants whoever drinks it unusually good luck

Hiccoughing Potion

The potion, referred to by name, stops excessive hiccoughing in a matter of seconds

Pepperup Potion

A Pepperup Potion is designed to improve health, relieve coughs and colds, though it does have one major side effect: it causes steam to dribble from the patient's ears for several hours afterward. It is also used to quickly elevate body temperature

Polyjuice Potion

e Polyjuice Potion allows the drinker to assume the appearance of someone else for an hour or more depending on the quantity. The potion only causes a physical transformation of the drinker, but clothing and voice is not affected


Skele-Gro is a medicinal potion that can regrow missing or removed bones, though it tastes terrible and the process is very slow and extremely painful.

Sleekeazy's Hair Potion

Sleekeazy's Hair Potion is a beauty treatment used by witches to smooth and straighten hair.


Veritaserum is a very powerful truth potion The name "Veritaserum" derives from the Latin word Veritas, meaning truth. Three drops of this potion are all that is needed to force anyone to respond to any question with the truth


In Prisoner of Azkaban, Severus Snape brews this for Remus Lupin to help him retain his sanity when he changes into a werewolf. It causes a werewolf in wolf form to act like that of a tired wolf.

These are designed to look like the ones in harry potter, DO NOT attempt to open and consume!! They are spelled for it, but NOT drinkable!!!

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