Third eye rip/Chakra spin/ Bracelets


$56.99 $70.00

So, I was discussing on the way home, with some of my guardians, some customers desire to rip their third eye, and he proposed a problem. And told me I had to come at the problem differently. it is NOT your third eye is not open, it is your chakras are glued down. So, to that end, I am going to have to add Chakra spin/bracelet and third eye bracelet to the third eye rip.

Because I was not understanding why, if I can see your third eye looking back at me in pictures, you are not able to see yet, and that confusion led to the conversation and the answer. SO, to that end this listing is for a third eye rip/chakra spin/bracelet to help you with your journey. You will have to wear this bracelet for this to work and keep you healthy. 

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